The Finishing Touches - 20% off Rugs

Thinking about the spot in the room that you are placing your rug is an important step following the use of the Choices Flooring Rug Size Guide. Hallways tend to have much more foot fall than that of a bedroom or living room, therefore, it is best to try to choose a rug that is hardwearing and easy to clean when styling this type of space.
Once you feel confident that you have arrived at the perfect size and type of rug for your room, it’s time to choose the perfect design to tie it in seamlessly with the rest of your home.
From natural looks, to patterned and abstract, you will be amazed at how many different rugs can give your room a totally different look. The perfect-coloured rug can be hard to find, but Choices Flooring have you covered thanks to our RoomView program.
Simply upload a photo of the area you want the rug featured in and you can place all your favourite rugs one after the other! Once you decide on the best size and design, simply add to cart and it will be sent to your home, contact free.
  • Choices Flooring Hot Tip: In high traffic areas, a slightly darker shade or patterned rug will make a good choice as they are less likely to show footprints in between cleaning.
We now have 20% off all rugs, so check out our rugs in your room and you could have a new look before Christmas!
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