Ultimate Choices in Softness

A proven carpet performer, Serenity Collection triexta carpet has been specifically designed to meet the toughest interior conditions. The perfect combination of durability, soft feel, on-trend colours, and built-in stain resistance, triexta is befitting of the Ultimate Choice in worry-free carpet.


Permanent Protection - Regular carpets include topical stain protection treatments, whereas Serenity Collection triexta has permanent stain resistance built into the core of each individual carpet fibre. Without any surface bonding sites, there’s absolutely nothing for stains to hang onto, meaning common household spills vanish easily with cold water.  No harsh, expensive chemical cleaning products required - what could be better?


Colour Choices - Available in over 100 colours reflecting both current trends and future forecasts, creating a stand-out interior design base to suit your personality and lifestyle is easy with Serenity Collection carpets.

Resilient and crush resistant, with proven durability, Serenity Collection triexta technology delivers the ultimate in beautiful low-maintenance carpets for every home.