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Big Ideas for Small Spaces

If you’re working with a small space, the selection of flooring is a crucial decision as certain colours and styles may make your space appear even smaller.

It is recommended you keep the same flooring throughout your space as this will create an uninterrupted flow and make it feel as if the room is part of a larger zone.

When it comes to colour, generally lighter coloured flooring will complement furniture and expand the perceived size of any room. Think cream carpet or whitewashed flooring and avoid busy patterns. If you’re thinking of purchasing hard flooring, opt for wide boards as you will see fewer joins and it will feel less busy.

It may be surprising to learn that dark flooring can actually help make your room look bigger. Dark flooring paired with light walls can help open up the space and add contrast.

With regards to installation, a general rule of thumb is to have hard flooring installed parallel to the longest wall in the room; this will instantly make your room appear more spacious.

When it comes to accessorising, choose a round rug over rectangular as it will fit better with furniture pieces. If you prefer the traditional rectangular rug, choose a smaller size that highlights the area between furniture. Just be cautious the rug doesn’t sit under big furniture as it will visually tighten the room.