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Geometric rugs have become increasingly popular in the last few years because of their ability to add visual interest and texture to any style of home, whether it be contemporary, eclectic, or traditional. Geometric rugs can really enhance or add drama to a space when introduced correctly.

left to right -
top: Dimensions 425 colour Blush; Broadway 935 colour Ivory; Kenya 25 colour Natural.
centre: Oasis 453 colour Blue; Parade 11 colour Coral; Alpine 833 colour Stone.
bottom: Saffron 11 Colour Pink; Studio 327 colour Black; Visions 5057 colour Grey. 



A textured rug has a lush and tactile character which is created by the pile either being looped or cut. This style of rug provides a deep luxurious pile which gives a distinct presence.

left to right -
top: Everest 1630 colour Ivory; Visions 5050 colour White; Everest 1680 colour Multi.
centre: Miller 737 colour Blue; Atrium Barker colour Green; Skandi 300 colour Grey.
bottom: Skandi 314 Colour Grey; Reflections 108 colour Sky; Studio 324 colour Silver. 



If your furniture is a solid colour or neutral, try a patterned rug. For fool-proof colour co-ordination, match the secondary colour in the rug to your sofa or key furniture piece. Heavily patterned designs make perfect statement pieces and will leave a lasting impression.

left to right -
top: Evoke 253 colour Charcoal; Zanzibar 767 colour Grey; Calypso 6103 colour Navy.
centre: Eternal 910 colour Pink; Atrium Bunting colour Multi; Eternal 916 colour Multi.
bottom: Anastasia 250 Colour Pastel; Calypso 6101 colour Bone; Babylon 210 colour Multi.

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