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The Ultimate Mix and Match Flooring Guide

With the Australian Open in full swing, we’ve created the ultimate match guide to help you stylishly incorporate more than one flooring type in your home. Variation is essential when decorating – it keeps things interesting. So, with these simple tips you’ll be able to call game, set and match on perfectly mixed flooring.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be a Mix Master.

When choosing flooring for your home, there’s no need to feel restricted to just one material. Clever mixes of timber, tile and carpet can be an effective way to create distinct zones within an open plan space, ensuring you have a functional flooring surface in every room or giving your home a healthy dose of design personality.

What Goes Where?

Hard products like tiles, timber, vinyl or laminates work perfectly for high traffic areas like your hallway or kitchen. While your living room or bedroom might be more suited to the plush warmth of carpet.

Choose Your Palette.

By staying with the same colour palette, changes in your flooring will be more seamless as the eye won’t be interrupted by a change in colour from one space to the next.


Mixed Flooring is Made for Open Plan Spaces.

If you have one large space that combines your kitchen, living and dining room, you might like to mix your flooring so you can give each zone definition. For example, you could use tiles in the kitchen, timber flooring in the dining zone and carpet or a rug in your living space.

Don’t Go Overboard!

Selecting too many materials will make your flooring look ‘busy’ and lose a consistency of appearance that defines good interior design.  Instead, stick with only a few materials – three at most – and create a design that is beautiful, functional and suits your lifestyle.


Mixing High and Lo Like a Pro. 

Just like the fashionista who teams a designer frock with fabulous High Street accessories, savvy homeowners are clever about how they mix flooring choices to get their budget just right.

To get you started we’ve looked at our New Year affloordable sale to find three of our favourite mixed flooring combinations that we think you’ll love:

  1. Plantino Laminate is a cost effective flooring solution when teamed with Roswell nylon carpet.
  2. Give Plantino Native Blackbutt timber flooring a pop of colour with the Oscar graphic print rug.
  3. Luxury lovers will find Plantino Engineered Oak floorboards works perfectly with plush Aquila