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Your Ultimate Luxe Style Guide

Luxe Style

Bring the iconic grandeur of the Art-Deco Period into your interior.

Art Deco-Inspired Luxe draws on the confidence and class of the roaring 20’s. Bold and opulent fabrics, reflective surfaces, exotic timber, velvet and buttoning.

Add depth to your space by incorporating bronze trimmed mirrors, marble, oversized prints, and geometric wallpaper. Art deco is about line, symmetry and bold colours that visually lengthen a room.

When selecting flooring go premium. Sprawl out on plush wool carpet for an extra feel of Luxe. Be daring with light carpet, don't live in fear of everyday spills- see our care and maintenance guide.

Put a modern-day spin on Luxe style with Line Art prints, Bold Bed Heads, and a grayscale palette to create a boutique hotel vibe. Want a more contemporary Luxe look? Loop Pile carpet makes a bold impression on any interior, and easily takes your room from drab to sheek. 

Try Hycraft Wool Carpets or for the finest quality, feel and finish. 

Creating a sense of luxury in the bedroom can be just like staying in your favourite hotel each night. Luxury starts with a lush carpet underfoot, complement with indulgent materials such as dark timbers and linen drapes. Work with a minimal colour palette for the full luxe effect, deep moody colours are a great place to start. Add accents in brass and stone for a high-end feel and ensure your lighting creates a mood to match.

Style Tip

Opulent metals such as brass, bronze or platinum make perfect accents in furniture or hardware in a luxe bedroom.
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